We're taking fare payment to a whole new level

From dispatch to driver to destination, ePort GO™ is a fully integrated transport system that links the everyday needs of the taxi and for-hire vehicle industries with the latest in smartphone technology and debit/credit card acceptance.

Integrated Payment

Track routes, subtotal consumer fare, accept credit/debit card payment and email receipts with a tap via your smartphone or tablet.

Cloud-to-Car Dispatch

Increase productivity, eliminate the need to maintain servers, and provide your consumers with a custom branded eHail app to schedule future trips.


Eliminate the need for multiple in-car devices and equip dispatch with the latest in real time driver location and deployment messages with turn by turn driver navigation.

ePort GO Product Overview

Learn more about ePort GO in the video below.

ePort GO Customer Testimonial

Learn how Mid Island Car Service is using ePort GO in the video below.